Flowers for your Valentine

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers given to them on Valentine’s Day?  I love fresh flowers all the time of course.

Roses are typically the traditional flower given on this lovey day.  But how about something a little different?

I came across this florist designers website, Studio Choo. There is some amazing inspiration for different flowers to consider aside from Roses.

How about Sweet Peas for your Sweet Pea?

Did you know that Sweet Peas symbolize pleasures, and Peonies symbolize happy life and happy marriage.  Now I understand why my Grandfather planted several peonies in the garden for my Grandmother – the love of his life.

(Studio Choo)

Ranunculus are so pretty too!  They are a reminder that Spring is coming.
Absolutely gorgeous combination of colours.

(Studio Choo)

If your heart is set on Roses, how about mixing them up with Spring seasonal favourites such as Tulips?

(Studio Choo)

Here is an excellent link for the Farmer’s Almanac reference of the history and meaning of flowers – Farmer’s Almanac.

Did you know that certain colours of Roses have meanings?

Red Roses – Unconscious beauty, love, desire
White Roses – Purity, innocence, heavenly
Pink Roses – Grace, happiness, gentleness
Yellow Roses – joy, friendship, promise of a new beginning
Orange Roses – desire and enthusiasm
Lavender Roses – love at first sight
Coral Pink Roses – friendship, modesty, sympathy

And a red Tulip symbolizes a declaration of love.  Yellow Tulips symbolize a sunshine in your smile.
(source: Farmer’s Almanac)

I could go on and on.  But one things for sure, I would like a bunch of Peonies in assorted colours from my husband.

What are your favourites flowers?  Are you purely a Rose girl, or do you like a mix of different flowers and colours?