Happy Spring!

Happy Spring


Spring is finally here!  Soon, very soon, Mother Nature will be unveiling her beauty.

This is a wonderful time of year to really get inspired.  Life all of a sudden feels lighter.  Do you feel like you have more spring in your step?  I do, especially with these longer days.  It feels so amazing to see the sun shining so brightly all day long.

Get ready for a season of inspiration.  Enjoy every moment.  When every new leaf uncurls, every new flower bud grows, and every new sweet chirping of a bird.

Happy Spring!

The Milly Apron

To honour my Grandma Milly, I designed this apron.  Like many Grandmother’s, she always had her apron on.  She was a sweet lady.  She always loved playing cards, riding roller coasters, and go swimming at the cottage with my sisters and I.  And she always had a chocolate cake for us.  Very fond memories.  I thought that this sweet Milly apron is a perfect reflection of her sweet character.

This is me modelling the first sample I created of the Milly.


And here is the latest in my Apron Collection.

Kitchen Loves Green Gingham

Aside from the bedroom, kitchens are one of the most used rooms in a house.  It’s an important room too.  We use it to cook meals to nourish ourselves and our loved ones.  We also use it to entertain.  Thanks to the open concept kitchen, the new modern kitchen makes it easier to host a party and be with all the guests.

The kitchen below is so pretty.  I’m a huge fan of gingham so I adore the use of gingham on the ceiling.  The high ceilings and open concept helps this kitchen to pull this off.  I love the baskets that are casually resting on top of each other.  I could cook in here any day!

Green Gingham Kitchen(Image from Apartment Therapy)

Of course, if there’s going to be cooking, there has to be an apron.  I think one of the below would be a perfect match!

Audrey Apron for LadiesAudrey Apron for Ladies in Country Chic Floral

Audrey Apron for Ladies
Audrey Apron for Ladies in Pink Roses

Tea Time it is!

As the Mad Hatter has so boldly stated…”It’s always tea time.”  I agree.  And for some reason, tea always tastes better in a tea cup.

This Easter, I decided to bring out my collection of tea cups.  The one below is one of my favourites.  I can’t remember where I picked this up from, but it sure is a beauty.  Tea cups can easily turn a simple cup of tea into a very very special cup of tea.  All of notes and fragrances of my chamomile tea all of sudden come alive.  They dance on my tongue and fill my head with beautiful floral aromas.  Ahhh!  So delightful.

And of course, a little faberge cookie on the side.  My hubby and I picked these cookies up this past weekend from the St. Jacob’s Market.  They are so delicious.  I fell in love with the shiny gold detailed frosting and gold beads, which are edible.  The thought of eating gold is just so cool! (I’m not entirely sure if there is any gold, but it is a good thought!)

Hope you enjoy your Easter weekend!  Spring is finally here!




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day on this chilly February day!

I made these adorable little felt heart pins this past week for this special day. They are so sweet.


The project is from the Purl Bee.   They are so easy to make and very cute to wear!