Tea Time

Is it tea time yet?

My Favourite Tea Cup

My Favourite Tea Cup

I absolutely love tea time.  I have this vintage guide for hosting dinner parties called “Glamour and the Hostess”.


I’m not sure how old it is, but it is certainly amusing to read.  At the back of the book, there are a series of questions regarding hostessing.  Here’s one I just had to share, since I love tea time!


I just think this is so funny and charming at the same time.  How would one go about asking friends to pour the tea?  And how long is a “short time”?

Tea time is the best time.  I could drink tea all day.  I have a collection of teacups and I own an adorable Brown Betty teapot.  My favourite teas are black teas, and I do very much enjoy green tea, especially Sencha green tea.  I love Buckingham Palace (which I just recently picked up from Pippins in the Toronto Beaches), Sencha Green Tea, and I absolutely LOVE Heavenly Cream by Sloane Tea.  It is so dreamy.  I usually add milk to my tea, but Heavenly Cream’s comforting creamy taste requires no milk.


As the designer of Crumb Designs, I designed an pretty apron which I like to call the “tea apron”, also known as the Milly Apron.  It’s pretty and sweet and would be perfect for a tea party.  I think it’s time to host a tea party, complete with vintage tea cups, brown betties, soothing tea blends, English watercress tea sandwiches, cookies, and of course the Milly apron.

Milly Half Apron

Milly Half Apron