Happy Pink Tuesday!

Happy Pink Tuesday!
  Did you know that according to astrological traditions in Thailand, pink is the lucky colour for Tuesday?  Based on this Thai tradition, each day of the week is given a lucky colour.  In fact, it is quite customary for Thai people to dress according to these colours.  I can just imagine everyone in Thailand all dressed in a pretty pink today.

Tuesday Pink

It’s amazing how much symbolism is tied to colours.  Aside from symbolism, colour connects us to history, even political parties.  Remember the Avocado green kitchens that were so popular in the 1970’s?  If we were in Thailand, Wednesday would be the day to celebrate green!

But let’s think pink.  How about a pink kitchen?  That was the trend in the late 1950’s.  I searched for a more modern take on a pink kitchen, but I have yet to find one.  The one below is very feminine.  According to a news article, this Chicago kitchen has not been touched in 59 years.  It’s immaculate!  The house was sold in February, 2015, so I imagine it has undergone some updates.

Pink Kitchen

Pink Oven(Source Here)

Happy Pink Tuesday and may we all eat cake with pink icing!
sugarfix-cake-monkey-12-600x900(Source Here)