The Milly Apron :: An Introduction

The Milly Apron


I would like to introduce to you the Milly Apron.  This is the prettiest apron out of my entire apron collection.  It is sweet and pretty.

This apron was inspired by my Grandma Lucas.  Her name was Mildred and she always wore an apron.  She was a very special lady.  Very sweet, patient, loving and very pretty.

When designing this apron, I had my Grandma in my mind and in my heart.  With this apron, I wanted to portray sweet and pretty…which she was.

The curved hemline adds an element of sweetness.  And I love using bold floral patterns for the main fabric.  That’s what makes the apron so pretty.  Sweet and pretty.

The pocket is gathered at the opening.  This little detail adds another element of sweetness.  As well, I positioned the pocket on a perfect angle.  By doing this the pocket can actually be used.  I try my very best to make my aprons comfortable to wear.  And this pocket really is at the perfect angle.

And don’t you just love that bow?  The waistband and bow is in a coordinating fabric and it really finishes off the apron.

So there you have it.  The Milly Apron.  She’s a beauty!

If you are interested in a custom Milly apron, please feel free to contact me through my contact page.

Here are pictures of the first sample I made of the Milly.

Jen-wearing-Milly_1The Milly – front

Jen-wearing-Milly_backThe Milly – back

Milly-PatternThe Milly – drafted pattern